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Terrence Howard to “Light” to play Mandela?

Like for realz? Are we really talking about “light skin vs. dark skin” again??

The announcers on G987FM felt as though the “likeness” in colour of Mandela would be better suited to actor Idris Elba because he is darker. I understand this was a simple comment, but talk about ignorant. Like who cares! Why do we HAVE to make this a colour issue/focus? I enjoy listening to Mark and Jem in the morning on G987FM in Toronto, but as much as people like them, there are many who think they say some stupid shit sometimes and  in my opinion, this was just another example. I can enjoy a show, but I don’t have to agree with everything they say.

Both Terrence Howard and Idris Elba are fantastic actors. I am sure there will be some ribbing and jabing between both actors about whose movie is the best and that seems natural in this entertainment industry. But colour focus? Nah buddy that doesn’t work for me.

I saw a picture of Terrence Howard in makeup as Mandela and I thought, “wow…can’t wait to see it”. I was not thinking “wow…he’s too light”. So Dumb. This comment just takes away from the importance of this movie and the life of Nelson Mandela.

The Nelson Mandela Story starring Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard is set to release September 6th 2013.



My understanding is that following the above movie release Idris Elba is also set to play Mandela in the upcoming November 9th 2013 biopic entitled Long Walk Home. See movie trailer below.


We all know this is going to become a war of “who plays a better Mandela”. It sucks. I mean this will eventually take away from the importance of a man who has done so much as South Africa’s President and anti-apartheid revolutionary.

Does colour make a difference to you?

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